Dental Sealants

Are you or a family member prone to developing cavities? If so, Dr. Jasjit Sidhu may recommend you look into dental sealants as an extra preventive measure to avoid coming in for a filling. These are usually placed on your back teeth to protect your teeth from decay for many years. Call us today at 508-476-2828 to schedule an appointment with our dentist here at Douglas Family Dental and learn more about dental sealants in Douglas, Massachusetts.

At our practice, we prioritize preventive dental care, which is why our esteemed dentist may suggest a sealant as a protective treatment to safeguard patients’ teeth against decay. Dental sealants consist of a clear or tooth-colored resin material that is delicately applied to the chewing surface of the teeth. By creating a barrier that blocks bacteria and food debris responsible for tooth decay, sealants effectively prevent more cavities and decay than would otherwise have found purchase in your smile. Additionally, the smooth coating formed by the dental sealant covers the natural pits and grooves on the tooth surface, making it easier to maintain optimal oral hygiene through regular brushing.

While the reputation of dental sealants is that they are meant for children aged 6 to 12 in order to prevent dental caries as their permanent molars erupt, many adult patients who struggle with tooth decay also find dental sealants to be incredibly helpful. Applying dental sealants is a quick and comfortable process, requiring only one visit to the dental office.

Sealants serve as a powerful tool in the prevention of decay and the maintenance of a healthy smile. To acquire further information about dental sealants and discover how our dedicated team can help preserve the health of your smile, we encourage you to contact or visit our office today. Your oral health is our priority, and we are eager to assist you in achieving a cavity-free, radiant smile.